Microsoft Youthspark

This project aims to encourage children at risk of exclusion to take an interest in technology and become aware of the importance of technological knowledge and digital literacy as a tool for a better future. Microsoft collaborates with Real Madrid Foundation. For that reason we chose to work with the vice-captain of Real Madrid C.F., Marcelo Vieira; a much-loved player, well-known for his values in the field and his philosophy based on enjoy every moment and making the most out of every opportunity in life.

This program is tailored to the educational content of the Real Madrid Foundation, based on essential values for the all-round development of children, and applies them to the digital world. With customised software and platforms such as Minecraft, Microsoft will be helping children to learn the basics of programming in a fun way, while keeping them motivated to carry on learning.

The first workshop was held with children from a school in Ambato (Ecuador) through an event in Madrid at which the Real Madrid player was personally involved. Following its success, the program was launched at three other schools: Virginia (USA), Cali (Colombia) and Sao Paulo (Brazil). At the event, Marcelo used Skype to surprise the children and send them a motivational message.

This launch was a further step towards the implementation of the program worldwide. In the near future, all the Foundation’s schools will receive a tool kit, which has already been translated into several languages, with the necessary equipment to carry out the Microsoft project. This kit includes a motivational video recorded by Marcelo, the specially designed introduction to coding programs, and several proposals for activities to do with Office 365, to which the schools already have free access.